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Manchester Badminton Performance Centre is spearheading the application of new technology in Badminton performance monitoring as it launches an iPad app called “BGA Pro” (available via iTunes), the first ever iPad Badminton Game Analysis tool. The simple interface allows parents/ coaches and players easy access to game analysis as it is played out.

The app has been created to support our performance coaching programme. Our coaches cannot attend all the tournaments that the squad members enter so providing the parents with a simple tool (BGA Pro), allows them to capture the game to both provide the players with immediate feedback on their games, and to provide the coaches with a complete analysis of the players performance.

The idea behind the BGA Pro iPad App was born out of the need to capture performance data for junior players. After numerous discussions between the coaches and administration teams at Manchester Badminton Performance Centre we came to the conclusion that we needed to provide a simple tool for parents / players and or coaches to capture game statistical analysis.

Having looked at other products, they all use expensive video technology so we went about creating the innovative BGA Pro App to provide the simplest way to capture the game as it played out, providing instant feedback to the player / parent or coach.

The BGA Pro iPad App has vastly improved player / coach interaction at all levels. Typically junior coaches have a number of junior players they coach and therefore cannot attend all tournaments. By providing the parents / players with a simple tool to capture their game not only provides immediate feedback in the tournament (therefore assisting bot the player and parent) but also provide historic game analysis information to the coaches.

This information also over time shows how the players are improving ensuring that the optimum coaching techniques are provided for the individual players.

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Steve White,  Secretary for Manchester Badminton Performance Centre
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